ASM’s Health Revolution

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After one ASM employee discovered the benefits of making little changes to her life after reading Eat, Move, Sleep, she decided to pass along the news and the book to the office, sparking the ASM health revolution. By understanding the importance of employee health in the office, ASM employees set out to expand on the […]

Ways to Organize Your Storage Unit Using Supplies You Probably Own

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With the advent of Pinterest comes a plethora of organizational tips to address every area of your life. However, one section often overlooked is the storage unit. While many people rent a storage unit to free their home from clutter and reintroduce organization to their lives, the actual storage unit can be left as a […]

Hiring the Best Mover for YOU!

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Hiring a Mover? The moving process can be tricky sometimes, especially when it comes to hiring someone trustworthy and inexpensive to make the move. Here are some things to think about and consider during your search for the perfect moving crew. Ask around, if you can’t seem to find someone in your budget or just aren’t […]

ASM’s Year of Expansion

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New year, new properties! That seemed to have been the motto for Absolute Storage Management in 2015 and now continuing on into 2016. ASM brought on 20 new properties in 2015 and is continuing that trend on into 2016. Already starting the new year off opening Hialeah Drive Self Storage in Hialeah, Florida, ASM is showing no sign […]

Get Organized in 2016!

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New Year’s Resolutions, Anyone?   It’s that time of the year know when we come up with a million resolutions for the new year and only follow through with one, for one whole week. Maybe the resolution should be to actually keep up with your resolutions. ASM wants to help you with a resolution […]

Great Success with Toys for Tots

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ASM Facilities Have Donation Boxes Overflowing with Toys This season, many of Absolute Storage Management’s facilities decided to opt in to become drop off locations for Toys for Tots and the success has been great! The NW Arkansas region facilities, Rogers Self Storage, StorMart, Bentonville Self Storage, and Absolute Storage of Bentonville have surpassed their […]

Absolute Storage Management (ASM) is putting teamwork in the spotlight this time around from the LICTED core values. LICTED is an acronym for leadership, integrity, communication, teamwork, excellence, and dedication, all values that the company prides itself on representing . As stated before, teamwork is the focus of the quarter, and ASM believes that teamwork is what makes the company’s […]

ASM is giving back this holiday

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The holiday season is here and as well all know it is the time to give back. You have ample opportunity to give back being that there are so many organizations out there that need your help. Not only are there big league organizations that you can donate to, but depending on where you live, […]