Hiring the Best Mover for YOU!

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Hiring a Mover?

The moving process can be tricky sometimes, especially when it comes to hiring someone trustworthy and inexpensive to make the move. Here are some things to think about and consider during your search for the perfect moving crew. Ask around, if you can’t seem to find someone in your budget or just aren’t sure, ask someone for recommendations. Knowing that someone you know has used this company before will make you feel at ease. Don’t just find one person and end your search there, get at least three in-home estimates before making a final decision. While getting that in-home estimate, make sure you leave nothing out! Let him see everything so that your estimate will be as accurate as possible, you wouldn’t want the bill to go up $100 because of that one “small” closet you forgot to show them that contains all of your winter boots. Remember that movers can deny you so I would suggest having everything you need moved be packed neatly and ready to go upon their arrival to avoid any timing issues.

Always conduct a mini, or full background check on movers that you have never heard of and if you have a funny feeling about it, keep looking! There are sites specifically for that purpose, such as, movingscam.com & ripoffreport.com (you can’t be more direct than that). Also, take the time to write out everything you are getting moved. How many boxes did you have in total? What was in those boxes? This will be easier to create as you’re packing and will make you feel secure after the move knowing that you have everything you packed and nothing got “lost during the move”.

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