Back to Campus Means Time to Store

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As the time vastly approaches, and summer begins to wind down, we have to realize that it is time to get ready for back to school season. College student everywhere will have to pack up and head back to campus, whether they live in the same city as their school or not, it is time […]

Third Party Management, Questions Answered.

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One of the top questions people ask when they want to know more about third party management would have to be what exactly is third party management anyway? People want to know what it is that these management teams do, how do the teams get started, who do third parties work with, etc. When a company’s […]

Absolute Storage Management announces that their Midtown Vault Self Storage self storage property, located in Memphis, TN, has chosen to expand their solar panel usage. The property first implemented solar usage two years ago and has seen great success with the initial project. Midtown Vault Self Storage sits in the developing midtown area of Memphis, TN and […]

U-Haul Dealer of December 2014

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Everyone loves the Top 100, no matter what is being counted: Top 100 Songs, Top 100 Healthiest Recipes, Top 100 Fatties Recipes, Top 100 Tips to Lifting Weights, or Top 100 Makeovers. Everyone is interested in what makes the Top 100. Well, here at Absolute Storage Management, we are very proud to announce that our own Storage Plex […]

Property- management company, Absolute Storage Management (ASM), is excited their newest market to enter- Little Rock, Arkansas. ASM and its affiliate, Little Rock Self Storage LLC, acquired two new properties in November 2014. These two properties are located in the heart of Little Rock in the Leon Circle and Geyer Springs vicinity. This article on the […]

Go Green and Give

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Absolute Storage Management (ASM) is proud to announce their Go Green and Give community involvement commitment that began in 2014 and the plans for the program’s continued progress into 2015. The partners have always had a heart and passion for giving back; this passion has always been shown in their encouragement of properties’ involvement in […]

Absolute Storage Management takes great pride in the fantastic team members that it possesses. One team member in particular has taken great initiative and leadership in the Charolette, North Carolina area. Michelle Dean, with her exemplary accomplishments, was nominated for and awarded the October 2014 Manager of the Month Michelle started with Absolute Storage Management […]

Property Yard Sale

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CUMMING, Georgia– Absolute Storage Management (ASM) takes pride in promoting community involvement through various events at their several property locations. All 80+ locations from the ASM portfolio participate in community events, partake in various drives, and host local events. Star Storage in Cumming, GA is no exception to this manner. Star Storage is very excited […]

Absolute Storage Management prides itself in having the best team members. The staff of ASM never cease to amaze the ASM owners, facility owners, and the customers they serve. In recent movements towards updating the company’s values and missions, top managers were able to pull together the principles that ASM represents. Managers and top leaders […]