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Core Values

Absolute Storage Management prides itself in having the best team members. The staff of ASM never cease to amaze the ASM owners, facility owners, and the customers they serve. In recent movements towards updating the company’s values and missions, top managers were able to pull together the principles that ASM represents. Managers and top leaders have no issues living up to these newly established values.

ASM’s new values can be reviewed HERE, but are easily remembered as leadership, integrity, communication, teamwork, excellence, and dedication.

ASM proudly announces that they have already had numerous accounts of all of these new values. One value that ASM puts extra emphasis on is their teamwork; and as stated earlier, the team members of ASM did not need updated values to portray this value in the ASM community.

ASM’s accounting members went above and beyond the responsibility expected of them with the newest arrival to the accounting team. Shannon Fuller, Deana Brunjes, and Barb Wurstner went above the expectations of upper management in supporting and training the newest accounting member, Aleah Cole. All three accountants helped Aleah get through her first month of financials which ended up being the smoothest accounting transition the company has seen in ten years.

ASM Corporate office members also love showing their team working together during their quarterly outreach events. The Second Quarter’s event was held at the Midsouth Food Bank. The team had to coordinate together on sorting, stocking, and organizing the local Agency Pantry for the Food Bank.

Property manager Kelly Zimmerman from Storage Plex in Kingsport, TN has always been an outstanding team member. Her latest event has been helping a nearby property manager, Patricia while the assistant manager is absent. Kelly has been helping Patricia once a week and noticed that there were a lot of units that needed to be cleaned and items taken to the dump. This was due to Patricia’s pregnancy and inability to complete these labor intensive tasks. Seeing the need, Kelly took it upon herself to make an extra trip to the in need property in order to rent a Uhaul Truck and clean out those units so that she would not have to do it on her scheduled day because she wanted to make sure she would be available to customers.

Property manager Sheila Schoenmann made heads turn with her outstanding teamwork values. This property manager was going to be off several days for the arrival of her new granddaughter. The night before her time off began, she went took time to go to her closed property to check in all of the Uhaul trucks that had come in over the weekend so that her relief manager would not have that to face Monday morning.

Absolute Storage Management is continually astonished by its team members’ commitment to their fellow team members and love to recognize the fantastic leaders that make up the company.

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