ASM’s Health Revolution

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After one ASM employee discovered the benefits of making little changes to her life after reading Eat, Move, Sleep, she decided to pass along the news and the book to the office, sparking the ASM health revolution. By understanding the importance of employee health in the office, ASM employees set out to expand on the ideas brought before them.

fullsizerenderOne of the biggest changes to the office came in equipment form. A treadmill desk was introduced to the office in August and has since seen thousands of minutes of use. In an attempt to motivate the office, a weekly goal has been set of 800 minutes, or around 53,333 steps. While the treadmill desk is a new addition to the corporate office, standing desks have been used in the ASM corporate office for years. There are currently three standing desks, with more expected to be ordered. Although the desks prove to alleviate some of the work stress in the form of exercise, other methods of exercise have been introduced as well. ASM also has a ping pong table that has resulted in numerous friendly rivalries.


Food is an important part of a healthy lifestyle, too, which is why ASM has started salad bars. Inspired by an office favorite, Jason’s Deli, a salad bar was introduced, with each team member bringing their favorite salad topping. Veggies and fruit also adorn the office counters, allowing employees to continue their healthy eating habits.

Absolute Storage Management strives to provide a healthy and fun working environment for its employees and the health revolution has just begun. Make sure to check back in to see new office additions as we continue our health journey.

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