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Are you preparing to rent a storage unit? Knowing what size unit you will need is very helpful to make sure that your moving experience is a smooth one. No one wants to start moving their things into storage and then find out that the unit is too small! All of our properties want to make sure this doesn’t happen to you! Now, unless you work with home building, office space rentals, or are just really good with picturing 3D images, square footage is probably another language to you.

All of our property managers are capable and willing to help you make the best choice in unit sizes to help fit your storage needs. However, here are some size descriptions that you should know before you rent a unit.

  • 5×5: This is about the size of a regular closet. You can store about 10-15 boxes and some small furniture items like a small desk, lamp or a few chairs.
  • 5×10: This is the ideal solution for students storing over the summer break. This unit can fit the contents of a normal dorm room. The unit is about the size of a standard walk in closet and can easily hold a desk, chair, mattress set, and over a dozen or so boxes.
  • 5×15: This unit is comparable to a large walk in closet. It is great for storing a small studio’s furniture and a dozen boxes.  
  • 10×10: A 10×10 is best if you are looking to store multiple rooms’ worth of furniture and boxes. This unit can easily contain an entire bedroom set, couch, kitchen table, chairs and closer to 25 boxes.
  • 10×15: If you are looking to store a small house or a large apartment then this unit might be the best solution for you. This 10×15 can hold up to two couches, two mattress sets, a coffee table, desk, dresser, chairs and a multitude of boxes.
  • 10×20: This size is very comparable to a one car garage. This unit size can easily fit your fridge, washer and dryer, three mattresses sets, bookcases, couches, armchairs, along with all of your boxes to store your small town home or apartment.
  • 10×30: With 300 square feet, this unit can hold all the contents of your three to four bedroom home. That is including your appliances, bedroom sets, living room furniture, kitchen table and chairs, side tables and more boxes than you could ever dream of.

Once again, all of our property managers are very knowledgeable about the various sizes and amenities that their property offers. The property manager  would be happy to help answer any question you may have.

Also available to you is our website’s Storage Calculator where you can input all of your belongings that you are storing. This calculator can tell you the best way to pack your belongings as well as the unit size you will need.

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