Get Organized in 2016!

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New Year’s Resolutions, Anyone?


It’s that time of the year know when we come up with a million resolutions for the new year and only follow through with one, for one whole week. Maybe the resolution should be to actually keep up with your resolutions. ASM wants to help you with a resolution for the new year, to get organized! Organizing not only your home but, your life. You will notice things flowing much more smoothly when you take the time to plan and organize. Here are a few helpful tips to help you get started:

  1. Downsize, downsize, downsize! Don’t become one of the members of TLC’s Hoarders who hasn’t seen their cat in 4 months and thinks its just under that pile of old Christmas cards from 8 years ago. One way to declutter is to go digital. Put those old pictures on a digital device or a DVD. #LetItGo
  2. Get a planner. Whether you’re old school like me and prefer to write things in a physical planner or if you want to type it into your phone, does not matter as long as you get it down somewhere you won’t forget to check. For me, getting a planner that had some type of pizzazz to it encouraged me to take it everywhere, write down everything and check it all the time. Creating a schedule and making deadlines will also help you to actually get things done.
  3. DELETE THOSE EMAILS!!! Do not let your inbox fill and fill until you have 2000 emails all from stores you no longer shop at and restaurants you’ve only been to once(with no intention of returning). If the email is over two weeks old, chances are, whatever the issue was has now been resolved.
  4. Give all of your things a “home”. If everything has somewhere to go (and you always put them back where they belong) it will be no problem keeping your home clean and organized and you won’t be so stressed trying to find those things when you need them.
  5.  Of course, we all saw it coming, this blog wouldn’t be right if I didn’t suggest getting a storage unit. Whether big or small, a storage unit is the perfect way to get things that you do not use but cherish to much to part ways with out of your way. Now let’s not get confused and think that more space means get more things to fill it with. Enjoy your space!



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