June 14 – Flag Day

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Flag Day, a day of recognition and remembrance has had a place in the hearts of Americans for generations but no good is done overnight. This national observation has had its fair share of troubles in order to get its recognition.

The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs has created a very educational and quick read about the origins of Flag Day. Although the flag’s design was adopted by Congress in 1777, no one is quite certain when or where Flag Day was first observed. Flag Day began as a time to educate children on the customs and traditions of America. Rumor has it that Flag Day was started in Connecticut in the summer months of 1861 but the mostly widely known claim to Flag Day come from New York on June 14, 1889 when a principal used the day to hold patriotic ceremonies for observation of the day. This imitative gained attention from the State Department of Education and pushed the observation into all New York public schools for years to follow.

Flag Day finally made its debut in August of 1949 as a national observance.

No matter when or where this observation started, Flag Day is a time for Americans to dwell upon the importance of the Flag and what it means to American freedom. Remember to take some time to think about the importance of American history and what the flag means to you today.

Most Americans know the specifics of the American Flag design:

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