Midtown Vault Self Storage Solar Panel Expansion

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Absolute Storage Management announces that their Midtown Vault Self Storage self storage property, located in Memphis, TN, has chosen to expand their solar panel usage. The property first implemented solar usage two years ago and has seen great success with the initial project. Midtown Vault Self Storage sits in the developing midtown area of Memphis, TN and is a conversion property from a previous Bell South building. Due to the property’s height and location, using solar panels just seemed like the right thing to do.

The first set of solar panels has already saved the facility 1/3 of the electric bills and with the expansion, the property hopes to see a savings of 2/3; telling MLGW, charge it to the sun!

This trendy midtown area should be really excited now that they will be home to the exceptional storage facility of Midtown Vault Self Storage with roughly 10,000 square feet covered with solar panels; Now that’s what I call going green. Going green is a great way to be noticed in the market these days, not only is it kind of trendy to go green, but it’s good for the environment.

LightWave Solar, the Nashville based company that installed the solar panels, says they have installed panels all around Memphis. It seems like more companies are “going green” and getting solar panels installed and Midtown Vault Self Storage is definitely excited to be a part of this solar family. The property is even more excited to be growing and expanding its solar capacity.


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